Iconic New Zealand T-shirts

Iconic New Zealand T-Shirt Designs

As photographers we like to be a little different; an example of this is the range of holidays from different countries on our New Zealand calendars

We are being a little bit different again! We have been working with our graphic designer Charlie Baker from Two Sparrows Design in turning some of our photographs into iconic New Zealand T-shirt designs. We are still very much in the development stage but would love to show you some of our designs and get your opinion on what works and what doesn't (since we first posted this blog we now have designs up so please click through to take a look; we have a men's, women's and children's collections as well as hoodies and canvas bags)

Photo of Kiwi As Tee ShirtPhoto of Kiwi As HoodiePhoto of Kiwi As Children's Tee ShirtPhoto of Kiwiana Canvas BagPhoto of Kiwi As Tee Shirt for women


Producing clothing lines is something that many photographers have shied away from but we think it is an area worth pursuing. As you can see from the designs are more than just photos and we think combine the best of photography and graphic design; not to mention we think these designs showcase New Zealand at its best.

We hope to provide the various designs with a choice of five or six different colours as well as a whole range of different sizes for men, women and children. As you can imagine this is a significant undertaking for a husband-and-wife team.

However, we really like what we have achieved so far with our designs and are keen to get your feedback on what works and what doesn't work. There is approximately 19 different designs (note on images we have provided today there are two images with three sets of opposing triangles, each set of opposing triangles is a separate design).

So please get in touch and let us know what you like and don't like.

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