Visiting the Printing Press

“Hot off the press” takes on new meaning when you actually step foot into a printing press. Yesterday David and I had the opportunity to watch our calendar get printed! All the new lingo that we've learned over the last two months started to make a bit more sense as we actually saw what these things means. For example, offset printing versus digital printing, CMYK, printing plates, aqueous coating, etc.
We walked in and there was this huge machine humming away printing 1000+ copies of the April and May photos. Both Geoff and Mike from Prestige Print were happy to explain the whole process to us. I must admit that still some of it has gone over my head though I do have a much better understanding. A lot of care and detail go into getting the coloring just right and making sure everything is lined up. It is definitely a job for those with high attention to detail!

Not too much longer and we’ll have the finished product—trimmed, folded and stapled-- in our hands.
Knowing how something is made and how you end up with the finished product is quite satisfying. We were really glad that we took the time to go down to the printing press and watch it live.

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