photos (& stories) from the edge (Calendars)

When David and I dreamed up the idea to make a calendar of photos from around New Zealand, we knew it would be more than just pictures and that there would be a story to go with it.  We, therefore, have put a lot of effort into painting the picture larger than just the frame of the photographs. The stories are a combination of musings, trivia, and personal insights. It is our intention that they help transport you that much closer to the scene in rural and urban New Zealand.

Both of us are story-tellers. We like writing and expressing our thoughts in this medium. One of the more original wedding gifts we received was “Dragon NaturallySpeaking” (voice recognition software and training on how to use it). This post along with the commentary in the calendar was written by speaking into the microphone and Dragon writing it up on the screen.

You'll see more photos (& stories) together as time goes by. We liked the idea so much that we made it our tagline.

By the way, the calendars have arrived from the printer and we are very excited!

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