Proudly Kiwi Made

We are proud of the fact that our calendar is New Zealand (& American) made. When we first set out, we explored many options for designing and printing, one of which was to print in the US since we plan on selling the bulk of our calendars here. In the end, we chose to print in New Zealand so that we could be directly in control of the process. We were able to ask our printer and designer various questions and visit them without it being cumbersome or relying on technology to be in touch. Needless to say it worked out well for us. There is the temptation to get things printed in China to save money but again this limits your ability to control quality.

Another factor important to us (and to New Zealanders in general) is environmentally friendly printing. Prestige Print Limited in Wellington has earned Gold Enviro-Mark®NZ certification which essentially means that Prestige Print is committed to using sustainable paper sources, inks, and reducing its effect on the environment .

We say our calendar is New Zealand and American-made because the overall lens and stories come from an American perspective, that is through Jennifer's eyes. That's one of the unique aspects of our calendar's approach. Local photographers often overlook what visitors and newcomers find interesting and intriguing.

By the way, we just became a member in the "Buy New Zealand Made" campaign and we can proudly display this Kiwi logo. It carries as much weight if not more (given it's a small country) as buying American made products.

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