It’s Spring in October - A Southern Hemisphere Spring!


Photo of Spring Flowers

This is my second spring in September, October and November and I must say it takes some getting used to. For 30 plus years, October has been synonymous with beautiful foliage, crisp mornings and evenings, pumpkin patches and hay rides, apple picking and even the rhythm of a new school year well underway by now.

In the southern hemisphere, as you may recall from what you “should have learned from school had you been paying attention,” the seasons are opposite based on the tilt of the earth’s axis in relation to the sun. So Christmas really is in the summer and 4th of July in the winter and Easter is in the fall and Halloween in the spring.  

It can be quite disorientating when you’re used to mentally marking the seasons throughout the year.

It’s spring now and early spring in Wellington can still have flashbacks of winter like we had this week. “Southerlies” are winds that blow in from the Antarctic and change the air temperature in moments. I’m learning how to spot the clouds on the horizon that usually accompany a southerly. Rain sometimes comes along for the ride, sometimes not. And then as quickly as it came, the southerly is gone and the weather is “fine” again. Kiwis use “fine” to describe weather quite a bit, it comes up in weather reports all the time. In fact, it’s taken me a while to be able to interpret the weather report and to choose the right jacket or know if I should hang my laundry outside or not.

By this point, I’m glad winter’s almost past and I’m getting my garden ready for planting though… I still feel nostalgic for pumpkin pie and apple cider donuts with my sister and nieces and nephew. It is October, after all!  

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  • Dawn says...

    Hey Jen! We had some doughnuts and cider and thought of you! Can’t believe your visit was already 1 year ago! Miss you tons!

    On November 03, 2014

  • Jennifer Hammond says...

    Thank you JoAnn for such kind words

    We are so pleased that you like it and will be taking a copy to work. I aim to put up a blog post most weeks. It is usually ready by Saturday

    Our facebook page has been designed with non facebook account holders in mind. It is open to the public and does not require people to have a facebook account. We put up a different photo most days so feel free to visit the page once or twice a week.

    But we will aim to put some more photos up on this site over time.

    On October 28, 2014

  • JoAnn says...

    Hi Jennifer! Nice blog. I am not a facebook user, so I am happy that you are posting things here.

    Rose’s A Fresh Take: New Zealand calendar is sitting beside me-beautiful! I just ordered my own and will be hanging it at work. A daily reminder of you and David!

    On October 26, 2014

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