A Day of Sunsets - A NZ Sunset

Sunset photo over the ocean in the Philippines

I’m going to an event. It’s a “glocal” event (by that I mean both global and local). Let me explain… David and I are going to go to a lookout and take some pictures of the sunset on Saturday, October 25, 2014. It will just be the two of us and I'm lucky that he's agreed to accompany me and be my "assistant." But over 150 people mostly from across the US and I imagine a few like me from around the world will be participating and snapping photos of their local sunset. So you see, in this glocal event the collaboration and communication happens before and after with people posting and commenting on social media, in this case facebook. You can follow the action by clicking here.

Sunsets. We get some amazing sunsets in New Zealand and we are lucky enough to have a view from our house (even if the neighbor's roof and satellite dish slightly gets in the way). New Zealand's name in native Māori language is “Aotearoa” and is commonly translated as "the land of the long white cloud." Needless to say, there are some amazing sunsets here. And I hope that on Saturday will get one of those. You may see it posted here or on our Facebook page.

This photo was taken in the Philippines. We just got to the beach just in time and the boat was in the right place.



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