A Day of Sunsets – The Photos Are In from NZ

Photo of Khandallah, Wellington, New Zealand


Saturday as planned David and I went out to get our sunset photos. Unfortunately there were a lot of clouds that evening but it was an improvement from the fog and rain earlier that day and the day before. To top it off there was a southerly breeze which you almost have to have been to Wellington to appreciate how chilling a “southerly” can be year-round.

We walked up the hill just from our house and got this photo. By the way, that's a Norfolk pine tree which you see a lot of around Wellington. It's quite distinct.

It wasn't the amazing breath-taking photograph that I was hoping for but I did post it anyway to the group. It was very encouraging to get so much feedback and “likes” on my photo as well as to like and comment on photos posted by various people. I think the collaboration afterwards which in my last post I described as participating in a “glocal” (both global and local) event was as much fun or even more in the case of a southerly as going out and taking the photo. I get the impression the group does this on a monthly basis and I plan to participate more in the future.

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