All Sorted-- NZ Phrases, Expressions or Colloquialisms

 One of my favorite Kiwi expressions is “all sorted.” It can also  be used as a verb to sort something out and it  basically means  to organize something or that a problem has been fixed or  something has been arranged or planned for.

 Here are some examples of actual use:

"Get back to school sorted"-- I saw this as an ad for school shopping for both clothes and school supplies.
"We're still sorting ourselves out"-- my Kiwi friend said that when we were at a café still deciding what to order when the sales associate wanted to take our order.
"All sorted"-- that's a common answer to having fixed a problem or organized something.
"Christmas sorted"-- that's a current ad on the New Zealand post website where all the information about sending Christmas gifts is located in one place. 

I love this phrase and have adapted it into my speech. It just feels so concise whereas in the past I would've said something like… "I've organized the details for the staff Christmas party." Now I can just say all sorted.

The only downside is it tends to get overused but I'm sure we all have those phrases that are said all the time. Just now I've done a Google search on all sorted and have come up with various companies from de-cluttering your home services to plumbing to the keep calm and carry on campaign.  Some of our products including our calendar uses New Zealand phrases or colloquialisms not to mention hoodies and tee shirts.

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