A Summer Christmas in NZ... at the Beach

Photo of Titahi Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

Christmas here is synonymous with summer  BBQs  and days at the beach and vacation from both  school and work. It is summer and the kids just  finished their school year (the new school year  starts early February) and offices close down for a  least the week between Christmas and New Years,  some for a bit longer.  Last year we stayed in  Wellington and it felt like we were one of the few not taken up in the rapture. This year we are heading up to Kaitaia, to the Far North of New Zealand to spend some time with David’s family and explore the farm again.

Photo of Titahi Bay Beach, Wellington, New Zealand

We went out to Titahi Bay Beach last Sunday  evening. We enjoyed some fish and chips at the  beach and took a walk along the beach. These  same boat sheds feature in our calendar for August  2015. In the commentary, we described how people  store their boats but also spend their day hanging  out there at the beach with TVs and couches and  makeshift kitchens. We actually saw this in action.

I leave you with a fun fact that has to do with living on an island nation. No matter where you are in New Zealand, you are never more than 100 miles from the ocean! In the meantime if you have not finished your Christmas shopping yet take a look at our catalog page 


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