@ play (taking a break and taking some more photos)

It’s good to get out of the Wellington every now and then and have some time at play and have a completely different sort of day. I left my watch at the house as we went out and about and lost track of time except for using the sun as a guide.

Photo of riding four wheel motorbikes and moving cattle

In the morning, we “helped” David’s dad, Peter, shift cattle from one paddock or field to another and check on the water pumps. I say “helped” in quotes because we tagged along with Peter on his chores and granted we didn’t get in the way, we also didn’t do that much to really help. For me, though, it was a chance to see this in action. It’s my third visit up to the farm, but it was the first time we did more than just go off on our own to explore. It gave this city girl a small taste of farming in New Zealand. I told David, “You can’t be lazy and be a farmer.” He agreed. And if you are lazy, it becomes obvious real fast as one by one things stop functioning as they should.  

In the afternoon, we went out to explore the coast on our own and this was merely play. We would have had a swim but the Tasman sea was a bit rough at high tide crashing onto the rocks. I was happy enough just to be watching. The scale and magnitude of the farm still takes my breath away!

No matter how many days we plan for our break up here, it never seems to be enough. It takes a few just to de-stress and sleep up and recoup from our busy city lifestyle. Then a few to get out and explore and play and next thing you know, only a few left before heading back to Wellington and work on Monday. Hope you find some time to play and change up your routine a bit over the New Year’s weekend.

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