From the outside looking in (staying at a NZ farm)

One can gain perspective in life by looking at something from a new angle. That's what we've done here.

Just north of the farm, along the coast and across from a small harbour (the Herekino Harbour) is a pine tree forest that has planted on sand dunes to prevent erosion of the land. You can see it on this photo of our shadows as we go out to explore the farm. In the right side across the harbour is dark green pine forest on the beach.

On New Year’s Day, we left the farm and drove over to pine tree forest and walked down the hill to the coast. Here we are in the midst of the sand dunes looking back on the farm. Those far hills in the back are the farm. For David it was a perspective he had never seen before. Normally he has been on the farm looking out. Here we were on the out looking in… and it gave him some perspective of the land he grew up on.                                                                

Photo of sand dunes at the Herekino Harbour mouth

How appropriate for New Year’s Day! I’m not one to make big resolutions and end up a few weeks later throwing in the towel on some massive exercise plan or diet that I can’t keep up with. I do like the idea of gaining perspective by coming at something from a different angle (both figuratively and literally). It is good to step back and do that every now and then.  

How do you gain perspective?

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