NZ photography tips and lessons

The weather plays a huge role in how landscape photos come out and that is something no one can control. Sometimes you get lucky and sometimes you don’t. You are in the right place and have your camera and the lighting is amazing. And it’s usually makes the difference between good and great, and whether or not a particular landscape photo will make your calendar. Other times you try and you wait—for the clouds to pass, the sun to come out, or sun to go behind the clouds—it all just depends. Just something happen while I’m here and ready! But nothing does and it’s time to head home and if you can, come back another day. Of course, it depends on where you are if that’s possible.

Photo farm land at Herekino, New Zealand

Photo of early morning at Herekino

Here are two photos from basically the same place—the fence at the farm looking into the paddock. The lighting is what makes the difference. Early morning fog in the summer is rare yet on this day cool air and warm air mixed.  I just happened to be there with my camera and able to capture the mysterious feel of the morning. 

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