freshtake Publishers is now freshtake Publishers®!

Yes, that’s right, that’s the ®, the registered trademark sign. Yippee!!! We have gone through the process of registering our name and seeing if there was already a FreshTake Publishers out there or if we were as original as we thought. We’ve waited several months for this and are very excited to report that we have gotten our trademark.

Why the name anyway? Good question. Naming a business is hard maybe even comparable to naming a child, though I haven't gone through that process myself to know for sure. As we were brainstorming what to call ourselves we came up with lots of options, most of them not really any good. It took us a couple days before we settled on “FreshTake Publishers” and then we had to figure out if anyone was already using that name and if the domain name was available.

Photo of a photographer taking photos on a cliff at Makara Beach, Wellington, New Zealand

By combining commentary with the photos we have been able to capture those impressions in both words and pictures. It's also our way of thinking a little bit different. We've had lots of feedback on our calendar that people enjoyed the writeups as much as the photos. Both David and I enjoy writing and telling stories will be sure to incorporate that as much as possible in what we do.


Photo of ferns at Kaitoke Regional Park, Wellington, New Zealand

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