Three things I’m learning as we start up a business in NZ

Last week I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere! After the call center hung up my call for the second time because of high call volume and my computer crashed after downloading new software, I decided it was a good time for a walk in the local park. As I walked, I was thinking about what I was learning about starting up a business and what I was learning about myself. I came up with the following three things, which one can argue is nothing new or particularly insightful, but seems extremely relevant for me right now.

Close up photo of Jennifer Hammond

  1. Things always take longer than expected.

We are working on making greeting cards and after finally choosing the photos and captions to accompany them and working around the fact that I have another ‘day job’ at the moment, there is a delay in designing and finally printing them. It will all come together in due time, I know that but we wanted them ready by now.

  1. Comparing yourself to others is futile.

Now that I’m blogging and updating our social media pages, my eyes are open to a whole world of bloggers and people sharing ‘expert’ tips on engaging your audience and promoting your products. In this day and age, anyone can pose as an expert and offer advice. Also, we keep discovering start-up business stories and how they started with nothing more than an idea and no money and ended up making these fabulous products and how people are just buying them up faster than they can produce them. Let’s just say, we are still actually starting up. 

  1. Sometimes you just need to go outside and take a hike.
Fresh air and a little bit of greenery goes a long way in terms of nurturing and helping to put things in perspective. Plus, I believe the act of walking—putting one foot in front of the other again and again—allows your brain to freely think and reflect.
Photo from Mount Kaukau, Wellington, New Zealand, looking down on surrounding hills

I took off last Friday at 2 pm and called it a day. And had a lovely walk through the park! I’m sure my time was more productive than had I kept going and spinning my wheels. That is one good thing about working for yourself!   

Like I said in the beginning, not rocket science. All these make me realize how important it is to not measure a success in terms of productivity. But then I think I’m getting into a new topic for a new day. ;-)

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