Things are coming together!

A few weeks ago, I blogged about lessons I was learning as we start up our business namely how much longer things seem to take than we imagine. I felt like I was running in sand and not getting anywhere!

Now, just a few weeks later, things are coming together and it feels great! Our greeting cards are designed and at the printer - just about ready to go. We are also happy to launch our redesigned website. Take a look around.

The credit for the new website belongs to a friend of ours who is a professional web developer. We ended up bartering hours. In return, she needed help in the garden finishing up building a retaining wall and clearing the ground for an eventual garden.  The website redesign was beyond our skills—it would have taken us ages if at all what she did in a few hours. David always stresses to me, ‘we can’t do it all by ourselves…sometimes you need to get professionals to do what they do best instead of trying to save money doing it ourselves. He knows I grew up in a family where my dad could do or fix just about everything by himself for both the family and our ice cream business.

Seems like a lot has happened in the last few weeks!

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