How we came up with our new logo!

We are excited to roll out our new logo. It’s been a long time coming partly because we could have spent ages deliberating on a design and never finally making a decision. (I have a hard time making up my mind about what to eat at a restaurant…). So, we decided to take the plunge and go for it. This is another example of not trying to do everything ourselves and how it’s worth hiring a professional when something is beyond your scope.

We recently found Charlie Baker of Two Sparrows Design. Well, turns out she’s someone David knew when he was living in Auckland several years ago (always good to work with someone you trust). Charlie’s been working on a few small projects for us over the last couple months, mainly designing our greeting cards, calendars and a few ads. This time we put her to work on developing a new logo. Modern technology makes is easy to communicate even though she’s up in Auckland and we’re in Wellington. She could be on the moon and we’d probably find a way to communicate these days but that wouldn’t allow us to say we’re proudly “New Zealand Made”.

After sharing our initial ideas and the ethos about who we are with Charlie, she came up with a few options for us to review. At which point we enlisted the help of some loyal friends and family for their feedback. Turns out most people liked the idea we didn’t choose in the end but we still took their comments on board. We took some more time to mull it all over. Then we went for it and here it is! We think this embodies the “creative stories and photography” along with a bit of New Zealand nature that we hope to portray.

Watch this space as we continue to roll it out! 

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