Selecting the 2016 Calendar Photos

We are in the throes of selecting the 2016 calendar photos and it's an exciting time at freshtake Publishers®. This year we have traveled extensively around New Zealand from Kaitaia in the Far North to Dunedin and Queenstown in the South and in many places in between.

Photo of the coast between the Hekekino and Whangape Harbours

We've taken a lot of photos and David has even taken a couple noteworthy ones. We're now going through the hundreds of photos and handpicking 12 for the calendars. This is the fun part of the job!

Photo of sheep on a farm on the Otago Peninsula

We are planning a couple of different calendars this year one will have US and Canadian holidays, another one New Zealand and Australian holidays, and a third one with UK holidays.

Photo of Lake WhakatipuWatch this space for developments!

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