Why the three editions of our 2016 New Zealand calendar?

We've had a number of people ask us why we are doing three editions this year for our 2016 New Zealand calendar? The thing we learnt after last year's debut calendar is that people love having their own local holidays on the calendar and that people living in different parts of the world's like slightly different photos. What appeals to New Zealanders and expatriate New Zealanders is slightly different to other people. 

These are not the sorts of differences that are good or bad rather these are the differences that you would expect from different cultures. So rather than try and fit everything into one calendar we have spread them out and given people a choice as to which calendar they would like. 

For example our New Zealand and Australian edition has some images which may have a deep emotional connection to New Zealanders and expatriate New Zealanders but may very well have little meaning to non-New Zealanders. On the other hand, the US and Canadian edition, and the UK edition has some photos that may appeal more to non-New Zealanders. 

We are aware that there are some people who will love both sorts of images which is great. But our experience from last year showed that there were some very definite variations in taste between people in different countries.

In this year's editions with tried to cover as much of the country as possible from the Kaitaia and Far North at the top of the North Island to Queenstown and Central Otago in the South Island. 

So why not take a look around the different calendars and let us know what you like and don't like by clicking here and e-mailing us at jennifer@freshtakepublishers.com.

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