Photos from all over New Zealand

Last year with our debut calendar some people pointed out to us that we only had one photo from the South Island. This year all of our editions have several shots from the South Island. Living in Wellington we have been busy travelling around New Zealand over the last year; the Far North, Bay of Islands, Hokianga, Whangarei, Rotorua, Waverley Beach, Whanganui, Tongariro National Park, Wellington, Motueka, Takaka, Blenheim, Nelson, Dunedin, Central Otago, and Queenstown.

Photo from Wellington Railway station looking up to the New Zealand Parliament with Pohutukawa's in Full bloom

This is not to say all those areas made it into our final selections for our calendars but we do have photos taken from the top of the North Island down to Queenstown in the South Island. An important feature of our calendars is that they document my travel around New Zealand. So we don't include photos of places I have not been to or seen in the flesh.

Photo looking down onto the Herekino Harbour Mouth

The calendars are very much about my exploration of New Zealand. We have included writing to provide an insight into what I am seeing as a photographer and as someone who is a reasonably new to New Zealand. It is a privilege to be able to travel around and explore New Zealand. I'm discovering that there are great regional variations for a country with such a small population base. This variation is not good or bad just different.

Photo of the Takaka War Memorial, Takaka, Golden Bay, NZ

So when you see the New Zealand landscape, try to look beyond that and think about how that relates to the people who live and work in those environments. My husband is constantly reminding me that it is one thing to take in the beauty passing through a place it is another to live and work in environments that can be deceptively unforgiving.

Photo of Rolls of hay Central Otago, New Zealand

You can take a look at our 2016 New Zealand calendars here. Or see some of our pictures enlarged on the front page of our website. Our products are proudly NZ made, printed right here in Wellington, New Zealand. - Jennifer Hammond

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