The Paradox I Find Myself in as an Expat

We recently had a post on our Facebook page that seems worth repeating here. It was written by David. He talks about why we reach out to expats. But first I offer a few thoughts on the topic. 

Photo of Jennifer and David Hammond at the top of Mt Kaukau, Wellington, NZ

    Photo of a beef sandwich


But we all know it doesn’t work that way. We must accept the good and bad of each place and take it as a package. It is freeing to accept the paradox that often accompanies this. “I love this about New Zealand….. I don’t like this about New Zealand….” at the very same time. That was a great lesson I took away from my 4 + years in the Middle East and have incorporated into my life.  -Jennifer



“Someone asked us recently why we are so keen at reaching out to expatriates (either New Zealanders living overseas or people from different countries living in New Zealand)?

Basically, we know from first-hand experience what it's like to be living in another country. You love being in your new home but still miss the things from home that are so familiar.

Jennifer who comes from Connecticut in the US has had experience of being an expat in two places; Jerusalem and New Zealand. My studying living in London doesn't really count but it gave me an idea of what my mother experienced when she migrated from Britain to the New Zealand.

So for those away from NZ and for those of you new to NZ welcome and enjoy a picture from my family's farm. – David”

Photo looking along the Herekino Harbour

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