New Zealand Calendar : The Introduction

Each new NZ calendar of ours always raises questions each year about the process we go through to compile photos for our calendar.

So this year we are going to do a 13 part series of blogs that takes you beyond the photos and the landscapes, and talks about the different locations chosen and the people who live in each location. And more importantly what they say about New Zealand culture and identity.

New Zealand Map

It is also going to give us a chance to showcase lots of really cool photos that have not featured on our website before.

But first a reminder

For us there are a couple rules for our calendar images; firstly, all the pictures must be originals; secondly, we must have physically travelled to each location.

This has some pretty cool implications. It means we need to travel to all sorts of different places in New Zealand. As an example, both these shots below (and used in this year's calendar) of the Hokianga Harbour in the Far North of New Zealand and Queenstown’s Lake Wakatipu at the bottom of the South Island, were taken by us.

Photo of the Hokianaga Harbour, Northland, New Zealand

Photo of Lake Wakatipu, Queenstown, New Zealand

It also means by visiting different places you can pick up a vibe or a feel for a place. This is important because landscape or iconic photos are only half our calendar.

For us the writing that accompanies each photo is just as important. This is because the hundred words or so that accompany each photo is commentary about what the photo says about New Zealand culture (occasionally, we intersperse some interesting facts and figures amongst the cultural commentary). And you really can't do that if you haven't visited a place in person.

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