Questions and answers about our NZ Canvas Prints

We've had a number of questions from people about our canvas prints so we thought we would share our responses. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask us at or

Your prints are nice but they seem to cost more than xxxx?

- Our photos are original pieces of art, so we don't use stock photography unlike many places that mass produce canvas prints. This means they are not paying for the cost of taking the photo (we only use our own photos, so every place from Cape Reinga in the north to Queenstown in the south we have traveled to and taken the photos). 

- We don't use the cheapest printer, but we use the one that produces the best quality prints. We have a number of their prints in our house. It's only after a number of years of hanging the canvas print that you notice the difference between a high quality print and a cheap one that has lost its sharpness.

- Our prices include the cost of a 3.2cm wooden frame rather than adding it onto the price (a lot of places will start with really low price then add everything you need for the canvas print).

- We individually pick up each canvas print from the printer and pack it ourselves before shipping it to you via courier. This ensures two things: firstly, any canvas prints that we send out has already been quality checked by us.

  Secondly, in the unlikely event that something happens to the canvas print between leaving us and getting to you, we can quickly sort out the issue ourselves rather than leaving you trying to deal with a remote shipping agent in the middle of nowhere.

- We have included the cost of international and domestic shipping in the price. We also have a significant internet banking discount of 25% for any canvas prints that will be delivered to a physical New Zealand address. 

I like a print of yours but not in the sizes you have?

Because our canvas prints are not mass produced we do have incredible flexibility about the sizes we can offer. If you don't see it in a size you want, please contact us and we can provide you with a quote for the size you want.

Jennifer and David Hammond - FreshTake Publishers


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