Women's V-Neck Shirts - Buy directly from the photographers & designers Jen & Dave! Also Known As "FreshTake"

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Women's V-Neck Shirts - Buy directly from the photographers & designers Jen & Dave! Also Known As "FreshTake" Information

For most people "social responsibility" is just a glib sound bite.  For both of us it is the entire reason for going into business.

- It means we don't use clothes from the cheapest clothing supplier instead we choose to use AS Colour who ensure the garments are made ethically and in a humane way to an extremely high standard, complying with international labour regulations. Please take some time to look at the factories they use , their code of conduct and production processes.

This means no child labour, no cotton from Uzbekistan (which systematically uses child labour) and the freedom to participate in organised labour organisations (unions).

An excerpt from their website says: 

"AS Colour’s Code of Conduct forms the principal part of our commitment to social responsibility throughout our supply chain. It guides us in conducting business to the highest standards of business ethics and respect for human rights".

"We require each of our factories to comply with the Code as part of their contracts. In this way we ensure they adhere to standards that meet or exceed internationally acceptable good labour practices found in law, regulations and treaties (especially those from the International Labor Organisation). This helps to set out our expectations for conducting business and is part of our effort to encourage the continual improvement of local standards in all the areas we work". 

"All of our factories must agree to external audits, and they are expected to make improvements where standards are not met to ensure ongoing compliance. Should any non-compliance be found, AS Colour required proof of compliance within a reasonable timeframe in order to continue working with the supplier".

- We also use New Zealand and Australian printers to print our designs onto the clothing. This ensure that the entire manufacturing and printing process is completed in an ethical manner and to an extremely high standard.

Our New Zealand T-Shirts are made from 100% Cotton.

Sizing Chart

Sizing Width Length
XS 43.00 cm 68.00 cm
S 45.50 cm 70.00 cm
M 48.00 cm 72.00 cm
L 50.5 cm 74.00 cm
XL 53.00 cm 76.00 cm