A Quick and Easy Fundraiser for Your Club, Charity or School

Here’s an easy way to raise funds for your club by selling our calendar or chocolate to your members and their friends and families. Your club makes nearly 100% fundraising markup and 20 calendars or 20 chocolates is the minimum number needed to participate.

 Choose Either our Iconic NZ Calendar or Chocolate Art Landscapes

The philosophy behind our fundraiser is that the person who buys our calendar or chocolate gets a really high quality New Zealand made product at a competitive price, the clubs fundraise a really good amount of money, and we as photographer also make money from our photography.

FreshTake Publishers’ Iconic NZ Calendar: What’s Special?

We use our own original photos that we have taken from around the country. We have a varied geographic spread—from Ninety Mile Beach in the north to Queenstown in the south.

Unlike many other calendars, our calendar is totally 100% New Zealand made, from the photos, to the designing, to the printing, everything to do with producing the calendar takes place in New Zealand!

It also has a couple of unique features, as well as NZ holidays, it also has Australian, UK, Canadian and US holidays, making it ideal for using in New Zealand or sending overseas as a gift for friends and family. As well, each month has about 100 words of commentary to add an extra insight into the photos.

The calendar has been designed so that it can be sent as a gift with minimal expense. Because of its size (A4), it can be sent in an envelope instead of a parcel, saving a significant amount of money on postage. And it's quicker to post for those who are last minute before the holidays.

Exclusive Handmade Chocolate Art (Original New Zealand Photography): What’s Special?

FreshTake Publishers has combined luxurious handmade Belgian chocolate with our original photos from around New Zealand to create these exclusive artisan gifts that showcase New Zealand.

These make unique and distinctive gifts (they can also be used as party favours). It is so hard these days to find gifts that are truly original. So we can assure you that our Chocolate landscapes are truly original and not produced by anyone else. They have been deliberately designed to be an artisan gift rather than just another item of food.

White Belgian chocolate is printed onto dark Belgian chocolate to create the photo. This means the product is totally 100% chocolate and very, very yummy. Our Belgian chocolate is 55% cocoa. It is deliberately set at this level so as not to be too tart or too sweet.

Our chocolates are made from the finest cocoa beans, natural vanilla and 100% pure cocoa butter. There is no palm oil, hydrogenated fat, or trans-fat in our chocolates. They are also gluten and have been halal certified.

How the Fundraiser Works

  1. You view a sample and decide if you like it. We’re here to answer any questions you may have. 
  1. You then decide how many to order. We encourage you to ‘pre-sell’ the items among your friends and family that way when you are ensured you’ve gotten the right amount and won’t have to scramble to get rid of the rest. You can always order more if you sell out. 
  1. We give you a few weeks before you need to pay us so there is no upfront cost for your group. (Large orders do require a deposit).

Contact us today to get started!