Our printer, Prestige Print, is proud to have achieved Gold Enviro-Mark®NZ certification. We'll expand upon that here and explain what it actually all means as well discussing what we are doing as a business to help the environment.  

Enviro-Mark is part of Landcare Research, a New Zealand government research organisation. They use independent auditors to inspect businesses to ensure they meet the required standards for environmental certification.

It is an ongoing process. It is not a matter of simply being inspected once and having certification. They are routinely audited to ensure that not only are they continuing to meet certification standards but that they have actually improved their environmental standards.

In short, the focus is on continuous improvement rather than simply meeting a standard. To us this is important because it indicates a continuous commitment to the environment as opposed to a one-off effort to pass the audit. You simply can't put in a special effort to meet last year standards, you need to show improvement upon the last audit.

The Enviro-Mark is not just about the printing process but the whole business operation. This means they need to be continuously looking for ways to reduce their energy consumption as well as making better use of water and other raw materials.                      

Prestige Print does offer the option for clients like us of either using recycled paper or paper that has been produced sustainably (this means that tree that has been cut down to produce the paper that we've used in our calendar has been replaced by the planting of another tree). Caring for the environment is so much more than just using sustainably produced paper.                                                                                                                   

At freshtake Publishers we take a practical approach to helping out our environment. These things include double sided printing and reusing paper that we may have already printed on. We recycle all our paper as well as plastics, metals and glass.