All The Little Things - Making Canvas Prints

Canvas Prints NZ--perfect for decorating your home--by FreshTake PublishersMaterials – The Printing Process – Image Quality

We love our photos enlarged on canvas, there is something magical about seeing your picture as it was supposed to be seen, you're able to appreciate the scale and subtleties so much better on a large canvas.

We use a print partner right here in Wellington, New Zealand to print all our canvas prints. Printing photographic images to canvas is a specialist craft that requires attention to detail, patience and experience to achieve the highest levels of clarity and precision.

We use high quality cotton canvas and ultrachrome inks. This enhances colour stability ensuring the colouring doesn't change in different lights and allows a wide range of colours to be captured in each print.

The framing of our Canvas Prints NZ --FreshTake Publishers

Handmade Framing –

Our print partner hand makes each individual frame (each frame has a depth of 33 mm).

This means your print gets individualised specialist attention; it avoids ugly and bulky corners, ensures the frame maintains its shape and high quality finish for longer, and provides you the freedom to choose whatever size you want your print.

It's important to note we have spent a lot of time getting the ratio of the width and the height of the photographs just right, so if the size of the print you want appears to be compromising the image we will let you know and suggest a series of sizes that will work for you.

Finishing  –  

A special protective coating is sprayed onto the final print. This adds extra protection against UV rays and scuffing. However, to maximise the life of your print it is important to keep your print out of direct sunlight.

Cleaning –

When it comes time to clean your canvas print it is important that you use a clean cloth and that you only use water. Using chemicals, any chemicals at all could cause serious damage to the print so please do not use any chemicals when cleaning your print.

Limited Editions –

All our New Zealand canvas prints are limited editions. The smallest prints are limited to 350 for each photograph, while our larger prints are limited to 25 per picture. All canvas prints are signed by the photographer and numbered.

If you fall in love with one of our pictures and want to be the proud owner of the only canvas print of that particular photo, contact FreshTake Publishers to discuss this with us. 

Shipping Methods -

We use a courier service to ensure the safe delivery of your canvas print(s). Using a Courier service enables both you and FreshTake Publishers to be able to track their progress to ensure you prints arrive safely.

Once we have dispatched the print it can take between 2 to 6 days to reach you (it is important to remember that the printing process itself takes between 5 to 10 working days before we have the print ready to dispatch to you).

If you require a quicker delivery we can upgrade to a faster courier service, however, there is an additional charge for this.

There can be minor delays due to customs inspections.

Shipping information –

The flexibility of printing to order means we need to allow for a 5 to 10 working day turnaround from our print partner before we receive a print to send to you. This turnaround time ensures attention to detail and makes all the difference between getting just a print and a piece of art.

The variance in the turnaround times just depends on what other work our print partners has on at the time they receive your order.

If your order is urgent we may be able to expedite the process, however, there is an extra fee involved due to the extra work that needs to be carried out in order to complete the print quickly.