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“Love & Photos: The Story of FreshTake Publishers®”

Back in April 2011 David and Jennifer Hammond met online. In this day and age it is not that unusual, however, our story is a little bit different; David who hails from Kaitaia was living in Wellington and Jennifer had just returned to Connecticut in the United States after spending four years in Jerusalem working for World Vision.

Photo of FreshTake Publishers Directors, Jennifer & David Hammond

Long distance online relationships are notorious for failing. Well, actually it's just a bit more than failing; they tend to have a habit of creating newspaper headlines for all the wrong reasons. Either they end in drug smuggling charges or someone is defrauded out of thousands of dollars.

But our story is a little different; after several visits to each other we married in Connecticut in June 2013. Since then we settled in Wellington and started our own publishing business. We've now had a baby girl who is a great joy and will probably have a camera in hand before she starts walking. 

Photo of NZ Landscape Photographers, Jennifer & David Hammond

FreshTake Publishers is a rarity in New Zealand. Our premium calendar, chocolate, clothing  and greeting cards are all printed in New Zealand. They really are New Zealand made products; we use our own original photos, and we design everything ourselves (we have limitations as graphic designers so we work with some graphic design friends who help turn our ideas into reality) and printed in New Zealand.

There is an exception to the New Zealand printing, clothes ordered in Australia are printed in Australia to speed up the delivery times for our Australian based customers (clothes ordered from New Zealand or any other country are printed in NZ). We use ethically produced clothing from AS Colour for both our New Zealand and Australian based clothing printing. Its ethically produced and extremely high quality (its designed to look good and last for a long time).

Also for canvas prints ordered outside New Zealand we do print outside New Zealand to speed up delivery for overseas orders (and to be honest we are working hard to find ethical produced canvas prints, we are not fully satisfied that we are there yet)

Photo of Jennifer Hammond standing on a rock in the middle of a stream holding a camera


As well as the more traditional products we have new two products that are just a little different; iconic New Zealand photographic Tee Shirts and edible New Zealand photographic chocolate.

We are fairly sure that we will be the only New Zealand landscape photographers to offer these products.

NZ womens tee shirt


New Zealand chocolate

Personal Service

Being small means we have the flexibility to add a personal touch and to be a little bit more than just your average publisher.

It means if you want a small handwritten message added to your gift for friends and family we can do that as well as shipping the parcel for you. But it's not service that comes with a huge price-tag.

Our calendars and cards are shipped free to anywhere in the world. People have a hard time believing that our calendars priced at NZ $16.99 includes free shipping to anywhere in the world.

At the moment the same people who take the photos and design the products also process the orders

Beyond the photos

FreshTake Publishers is a start-up photography and design business. At the heart of the business is a desire to do business differently and to make a difference to some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Our first goal is to make the business profitable to the stage where we can employ either refugees or people living with a disability. 

As of 21 November 2016 our first refugee intern started with us, he is an amazing and hard working young man from Columbia, three years ago he arrived in New Zealand with no English, last week he was accepted into Massey University's Fine Arts programme. There's a really good chance some of his work will appear on our website for sale be it as canvas prints or clothing.

For us it is simply not enough to expect change to occur through changes in legislation and government policy you need to proactively create change yourself.

Our passion comes not from some idle fancy but lived first-hand experience. In the case of Jennifer she has worked for the best part of 10 years either in an overseas aid agency or teaching English as a second language to recently arrived migrants in the United States.

David has dyslexia and dyspraxia. Through a combination of persistence and hard work he has never let dyslexia or dyspraxia interfere with his ambitions. He completed a Masters degree from the prestigious London School of Economics and worked in the New Zealand public service for about 10 years. At the moment David is about 26,000 words into completing a book on dyslexia and dyspraxia.

In order to achieve our vision we realize we have to do things differently.

For a start our calendars are more than a method of telling time, they tell a story. Each photo is accompanied by about 100-120 words along with a 300 to 400 word narration at the start of the calendar. Each month also has a map to show where the photo was taken.

It is our desire to produce products that break cultural and geographic boundaries. 

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