Promotional Calendars For Businesses

While we produce calendars for the retail market, for a select few businesses we also produce custom made promotional calendars.

Many businesses use promotional calendars. Many of these calendars are produced using the same file photos that everyone else uses. The end result is that most of these calendars are indistinguishable from each other, leaving your marketing budget spent and no competitive advantage gained.

However, there is a way to stand out from the crowd and gain that competitive edge.

It is by using original photos with the amazing scenery that New Zealand has to offer. Our photos are originals, we own the photos (you won't find them in some back catalog) and our calendars are so much more than photos. Our calendars are a combination of photos and commentary. Your clients will feel like they a getting a  gift, not a piece of marketing.

To help you stand out from the crowd we aim to produce promotional calendars that we would happily sell to our retail customers. .

Do not hesitate to contact us for more information, an obligation free quote, or for an inspection of our extensive portfolio of photos and

As these photos below show quality control is important to us!